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Employees are indeed the face of a company, a walking representation of your business. Clients are not always aware of the relentless work and sacrifices being done behind the scenes by an administrative team, but rest assured that they notice the image your organization is portrayed through your customer service and through your uniforms. Subliminal messages are continuously being sent through your employees’ presentation - Do your employees portray an image that is sharp and diligent, or disorganized and unkempt?

What separates us from the rest is our belief that a companies' uniform is an extension of their marketability. When we meet with existing and potential clients, the conversation usually begins with a review of their current sales and marketing efforts, to ensure a consistent message is being presented from their web presence to their ad campaigns, to their uniforms.

In this ultra competitive age of business, every detail should be carefully reviewed. At Atelier Loft, our common goal is to maximize your business’ image and exposure through our carefully crafted branding strategies. We take a different approach to outfitting companies and the results are immediate and gratifying.

We are a family of colleagues passionate about the uniform industry. After 25 years in the uniform business, Atelier Loft was created to diligently cater to the individual image branding needs of various companies. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a lasting impression to their esteemed clientele.

Since our first client in 2011, we have helped develop the image of hundreds of organizations through our four divisions and thousands of products that we have brought to market. Our unparalleled customer service is one of our most important promises to our clients. We are genuinely involved in the planning, execution and follow-up of the image branding process. Our clients can rest assured that we will keep bringing forth original ideas to the industry.

On top of our commitment to quality customer service is our promise of exceptional quality products. We are continuously up to date with industry trends and ahead of the curve when it comes to new fabrics and products. It is of paramount importance that our products withstand everyday wear and tear and look just as pristine as the first day they were worn.

Not a single feature is overlooked when our team creates a business uniform. Conversely there are aspects our clients may have never thought of that our expertise allows us to identify. Attention to detail is not only one our strongest attributes but a guaranteed part of our system.


Our corporate outfitting division is the apex of our operation. This division builds a uniform solution for organizations that require a customized approach to their uniform. The process begins with fact-find meetings to establish the needs of our prospective client. With the support of an entire production and manufacturing team (production managers, designers, pattern makers, cutters, sewers) in our facility, we have the technical knowledge to take a conversation of garments and develop it into a prestigious look without compromise on the quality of fabrics or comfort of the garment, all the while staying loyal to the overall marketing strategy of the company.

The process may take up to several weeks to complete, but the results of working with a vertically streamlined team are inherently obvious from completion of mid-project milestones until the final look is ready for presentation.

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Our Uniform division is similar to our Corporate Outfitter division and differs only in the where we will not create a completely unique uniform, but will build a company’s look in a quick and efficient manner with clothing from our esteemed supplier’s library of garments. The same efforts go into the process of creating a look in terms of keeping a consistent message with marketing and branding goals. Having our embroidery service in-house also significantly contributes to our efficiency. The benefit is that we can turn orders around in a timelier fashion courtesy of having perfected our procedures with our supplier-partners over the course of the last few years.

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Our Athletic Apparel division is spearheaded by our sublimation service. The latest trend in sports uniforms, sublimation is exactly what athletic organizations need for performance wear with creative designs that maximize their look while competing. Athletic apparel is not limited to clothing; this division brags an extensive selection of accessories including but not limited to headwear, bags and equipment. In addition we work with cutting edge brands who consistently present great off-the-shelf solutions for any team’s sports uniform needs.

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The newest member in our team of divisions, our Promotional Items sector has accomplished some very creative projects in terms of breaking the trend of the ‘knick-knack’ approach to promotional items. Our goal is to bring promotional items to our clients that will maximize their logo exposure while also focusing on useful objects that have everyday function to the end user. Through our network of over 250 suppliers, we can turn around any request with limited delays.

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